Festive Stock Photo Index

Images of Christmas and the festive holiday season

Colorful red Christmas stocking filled with small gifts hanging from a metal hanger on a wooden wall with copyspace
Sparkling garland of colorful Christmas lights lying entwined on a wooden table in a seasonal background, overhead view
Christmas baubles tree shape with colorful red balls arranged in a triangle to resemble a modern Xmas tree over a dark background
Christmas tree metaphor with three simplified trees of a single sprig of green pine foliage topped with a red star arranged in descending order over white with copyspace
Man holding a colorful purple Christmas bauble in his fingers displaying it to the camera over a white background with copyspace for your holiday greeting
Christmas ornaments background with colorful gold and red baubles in a box alongside a silver tinsel border with copyspace for your greeting on a wooden background, overhead view
Modern decorated twig Christmas tree with a dried leafless branch decorated with colorful red baubles to celebrate the holiday, over white
Modern minimalist Christmas tree trio with sprigs of green pine topped with a yellow star arranged in a descending height row on rustic wood with copyspace
Silver Christmas bells dangling on threads from a mans fingers over a white background with copyspace for your seasonal greeting
Christmas candy background pattern with red and white striped candy canes arranged as heart shapes on brown tiles with red Christmas baubles, overhead view
Christmas background of scattered blue stars around a fresh green fir branch on white , overhead view
Traditional shiny golden bauble hanging on the branch of a pine Christmas tree
Reindeer Christmas biscuits with chocolate antlers, red noses and collars served on a festive table with crackers and decorations
Close up of an ornate metallic gold bow used as a decoration during gift-wrapping and packaging of Christmas gifts or presents for a special occasion
Partially eaten mince pie showing the spicy rich fruity filling and freshly baked golden crust, close up view
Whole roast festive Christmas turkey waiting to be carved for Christmas dinner with a carving knife alongside
High angle view of cookies or biscuits in the shape of traditional Christmas trees arranged on a baking tray for cooking during Xmas baking
Delicate fragile paper stars on a white background for an ethereal spiritual Christmas background
Oblique row of gold Christmas balls decorated with glitter curlicues for a dramatic seasonal background
Festive party background of assorted pink Christmas decorations in a random pile for your seasonal greetings
a man wearing a paper party hat from a christmas cracker
christmas candle, baubles, decorations and tinsel garland on a red background
eating a christmas fruit pudding with brandy butter
a modern christmas dinner table place setting with a cracker on a plate
rainbow coloured sparkling fireworks as happy new year holiday 2023 over black background
New Years 2023 digits drawn with bright sparkling lights isolated on black background

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