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Stockarch is an archive of Creative Commons stock images. We connect image users to photographers. We allow photographers to quickly share their content - and image users to find it fast!



Stockarch for Amateur Image Creators

For amateur photographers and illustrators Stockarch is a great place to learn what successful stock photography is all about, stock photos are images that were pre-shot ready for image users to insert into designs:

tick Feedback and stats on your most popular images, discover what works, what failed.

tick A simple way to showcase your photography and to promote it.

tick Learn to tools used by photographers making a living from stock photography.

tick Flexible features like RSS feeds and Widgets to showcase your photos.


Stockarch for Professionals

As a stock industry professional (or a hard-core / part-time photographer), we're not under any illusions that a portfolio on Stockarch is ever going to replace a professional website. As a part of your promotional toolkit our platform provides an easy way to showcase niche or experimental stock image ideas and get the most from the creative commons movement.

tick Tease (target) potential image buyers with sample images and offer links to a paid portfolio elsewhere.

tick Leverage creative work that otherwise has little or no commerical value in the marketplace.

tick Monitor your most popular images, see extra traffic from our Facebook image users page.

tick Use blogging and short urls to landing pages from social networks as tools to aid your self promotion.

tick Stockarch is directly targeted at people searching for stock images and free stock images in search engines.

tick Simple cut and paste embedding code makes it easier for image users to follow license terms correctly.


How Does it work?

The best way to understand that is probably by looking around the site; the photographers here have already used Stockarch to promote their own creative websites, create a portfolio of images from a personal interest, and to showcase their stock images and sales portfolio. Stockarch is a versatile platform for image content.

Each image has an image page, that page features links that you as a photographer can specify to your profile or external site (photographer external link policy). Image users can find cut-and-paste code to easily use the images free under a Creative Commons (CC-BY) license.

Every image used is required to link back or attribute you, the image page, your portfolio or some other website that you specify.

Placing images on Stockarch allows them to be used online by 1000's of designers who visit the site each day.


What type of images?

We have more stringent image requirements than completely open sites like Flickr, We are looking for images that users will find useful, be that abstract background, drawings, creative and artistic images, objects, nature and landscapes, travel destinations. Please see our acceptance guidelines for full details. is free to it's image contributors and image users, the site operates using advertising revenue from related images shown on each image page.

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